Help support the fight against ALS!

Every dollar YOU donate can make a difference!

Help support the fight against ALS!

Every dollar YOU donate can make a difference!


Our Story:

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well I was lucky enough to raise 3 children in this wonderful town of Georgetown and Limehouse. I need everyone’s HELP now PLEASE!!!

In March my amazing husband was diagnosed with the dreadful, degrading disease of ALS commonly known as Lou Gehrigs Disease. This diagnosis has sent my 3 children , my husband , myself , our whole family and friends into shock!

There is no cure for this disease. ALS has historically been an underfunded disease. They call it the Dead Man’s Disease.

We have 8 Families in Georgetown suffering from ALS. Due to the Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS Canada was able to invest with Brain Canada (which is funded by Health Canada) on a research project. Proceeds from the Ice Bucket Challenge have been invested in ALS Research and in community support so that people and families living with ALS Can benefit from equipment and assistive devices, support groups, home visits and more.

So what I am asking is:
There is a population between 40-50 thousand living in Georgetown. If every person came forward with a dollar ($1.00) we could raise a lot of money and awareness. On Saturday December 3rd from 11 AM I will be sitting out front of our home 20 Dawson Crescent so please come out and donate a dollar ($1.00).

I will not be giving out a receipt, just a hug, kiss or a handshake. If a receipt is required, click here to donate to ERV’S ANGELS and a receipt will be sent to you.

All proceeds will be going to ALS Canada.

Please come out Saturday December 3, from 11AM and lets make this disease ALS CURABLE not a DEATH SENTENCE.

Shari, Ervin, Bart, Brittani and Brandi (Dokee) Balanowski

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